When the time is right, I the Lord will do it!!

Gwamba has come full circle, “Own Time” his latest afro HipHop offering reflects on how God fulfills his word in His time! Boasting the goodness of the Kairos timing of the Lord, the artist encourages believers to hang in there, to trust the process and know that everything will work out in the end. The signature voice breaks into his native Chichewa, uplifting listeners with the collaboration lyrics dropping Zulu spoken word, by Emtee bringing his own vibe reminding each one not to lose hope since the end is near. The light at the end of the tunnel is clear with the crisp beats and the fusion of the afro-beats with the words of edification that are set in the backdrop of the Lockdown era, where a feel good tune is definitely in order. The video showcases issues of gender violence and the economic hardship that has become the order of the day, even touching on witchcraft and generic daily stress. Gwamba assures every dancer to nod to the beat and trust Yahweh. The message is clear, each of us has his or her own time!

The Malawian born world-class artist brings this fresh vibe to the table just in time to lift up every spirit, a prophetic prescription for sure! The song is definite drive-time tune, set to help each one working their way to back to the trenches as our world slowly inches towards the new normal, Gwamba’s offering comes at a time when we all could use the reassurance of God’s love. The teaching of self-care, belief in the power and love of God as well as the faithfulness of the Yahweh is a wonderful theme carried throughout the track, just as the harmony of the two Bantu languages, Chichewa and Zulu weave through the well-arranged Anglo-Saxon lyric volleys of truth, typical of the urban maestro. Be on the look out for this tune, it is going places, ideal for the shower, the traffic and a must -have for all those post- lockdowns get togethers. Catch up with the artist on his social media ………… Facebook Instagram

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