Shortgun – fearless in the fire!

Listening to the authoritative voice of Shortgun one cannot help but get up and feel that the time has come for every woman to get up and enjoy the fire of the Holy Ghost. Busting every myth about female gospel artists, Shortgun reveals that some of God’s best artillery is clothed in high-heels and pretty weaves! She bounces out of the shadows with a booming decree that there is no need for “beauty therapy”. Fashioned in confidence, listeners will see that Shortgun’s style display all the attributes of a young lioness:

It is clear to see the DNA of Prophetess Mary Bushiri here! Filled with the fire that feeds the youth at ECG, fans will note that Shortgun has emerged from the cold lockdown winter consumed by fire – we have seen her evolve as an artist and as a minister of the gospel ; it is apparent that with great mentorship, self-introspection and a walk with the Holy Ghost- Major 1 Records is dispensing music to heal the body, mind and spirit!

The hard-hitting lyrics expose the deep understanding of her place in the kingdom. Born Maureen Taaibos, the artist spits fire in the devils face, taking her place as royalty, talking big and walking big – she wields a battle fearlessly, taking on the world without fear, and with a whole lot of favour! From the days when she gave us Psalm 23, Shortgun has proved time and again that the battle is the Lords and we can all boast in Him! She has maintained her colloquial street-wise style laced with Boss lady confidence, calling on dance moves and taking listeners to the dancefloor.

A miracle worker behind the microphone, this young Prophetic Channel Youth Buzz presenter is giving hope to urban township and suburban youth alike, giving hope to young adults and trumping all religious norms with the truth that she has found – allowing each of us to understand the e fusion of urban beats with traditional gospel gangster rhymes. She is clearly an artist to look out for as the energy from this single sizzle in your ears- warm up this winter because as the lyrics of the song denote – this girl is on fire!

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