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Self esteem was a challenge growing g up being in a position of trying to crack a joke and finding himself as the only person laughing at the joke broke his spirit, self love and confidence was slowly drifting from him, he would find himself feeling like he is not good enough for anyone or anything and he believed he had let himself down. At a point of feeling discouraged God showed himself through gospel music and the spirit behind the music made him feel safe and most importantly understood and loved.

Casner Psallo

Casner Psallo is a south African recording artist raised in Rustenburg and also lived in the Gauteng Province, a producer, musician and a story teller that loves to profess and sing about the love of God, his attraction for gospel music was inspired by his love for the almighty and boosted by church as it played a huge role in shaping his musicality. The composition of his songs is a result of the connection he has with God. He’s music is self taught and artist like Nicki Miller, Siphokazi and Labyrinth and Louise Armstrong to name a few have an impact in his sound as he is inspired by them. 

Known as the live crowd interactive vocalist with a unique unmatched stage presence, he has a sound that roots within the soulful texture. Playing drams being a back up singer and a lead vocalist and also being on various bands added on his confidence. Gospel music is his best friend he believes it will never make him feel like an outsider because of the spirit that lives in it, as the scripture says “Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world” 1st john 4 vs 4. Casner hopes to inspire the body of Christ and the world at large to see the love of God through his music knowing that the love of God never fades. 

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The “spoken word” project is his first album as a recording artist. A gospel music project that lays down his personal journey with God and it is all about restoring hope and declaring Gods existence. ‘’Tis’ done” single debut from the album will surely make one busk in the spirit professing and confessing all things are possible in Christ through faith.  

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By Mbali Rose