Prophet Bushiri’s The Jesus Nation ranks number 1 on Amazon’s best-selling Christian books

Cordilia Muzik

Just two days after posting it on Amazon, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s new release, The Jesus Nation, has topped number one on Amazon’s new release Christian discipleship books.

The stunning feat points to how, increasingly, the book continue to attract global attention owing the stature of the author, Prophet Bushiri.

Already, over 100 000 copies have been sold globally through ECG church branches spread in about 73 countries across the world.

In the book, Prophet Bushiri unveils a current reality that every Christian is supposed to be accustomed to—the reality that God is building a nation that He has called the JESUS NATION, and the sole mandate of his NATION is to establish Jesus Christ as the ultimate ruler of all the earth before His second return.

Prophet Bushiri takes on the mission of explaining how you can be part of this NATION, recognize it and even benefit from it. He desires that this book will act as an inner compass that will direct you to the fulfillment of your highest purpose in the body of Christ as both a steward and custodian in the JESUS NATION.

Whether you are a new or old believer or wondering whether there is a great success in being a mentee in the prophetic, this book is one set for your season. Be ready to learn, and with this book from Shepherd Bushiri, dare to pursue to become an example of what it means to be part of a winning nation!

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  1. Moses Vivre

    Thank you prophet major 1 for touching my life even as i never see you, May the Lord increase your anointing Papa.i need you to open my life financially Papa