Cordilia Muzik

Award-winning TV personality Priscilla Kaira has bemoaned cyberbullying following her alleged infidelity scandal which is trending as ‘Mesho’.

Rumors circulating on social media, indicate that the soft spoken presenter, was involved in a one-night-stand with her boyfriend’s roommate.

In a statement released minutes ago by her management, the TV presenter-cum-model laments the ongoing shame which is even perpetrated by reputable brands in Malawi.

“It’s not funny. This is a serious issue. It’s regrettable to note that even some reputable brands are capitalizing on these rumours that are aimed at destroying my name and reputation.

“Among others, companies like Banja La Mtsogolo and Castel have adopted the ‘Mesho’ tag to promote their services. Priscilla feels this is bullying and direct attack on her reputation as the tag is associated with her alleged infidelity.

Priscilla, who works for Zodiak TV, is one of the TV personalities who are instrumental in promoting Malawian music. She hosts a popular music program called Fresh on Zodiak which features entertainment news, including interviews with different musicians.

Meanwhile, activists have condemned the cyberbullying against the TV personality.